Electric Cars May FAIL their MOT test – How can you avoid it?

New research shows that EVs aged between three and six years perform worse at the mandatory check-up. All cars showed worse results as they grew older, but electric cars six years old had the highest rate of MOT failures at a shocking 21.8%.

The test was failed by hybrids aged the same as petrol cars, who were 15.4% more likely to fail it than those of petrol cars. Six-year-old diesel engines also had a high failure ratio of 21.4%, ranking worse than those at younger ages.

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The differences between car types were less among the newer models. For example, diesels three years old were the most reliable at 15.1%. However, electrics had a 11.4% failure rate and hybrids 11.2%. Petrol cars were 10.7%. However, it was not all bad news for electric vehicle drivers. The DVSA data showed a significant increase in EV ownership over the past few years.

In 2021, 76,000 electric cars were MOT-tested – 36% more than 2020 and 68% less than 2019. The service intervals for electric cars are usually longer than those for petrol and diesel cars. Additionally, fewer parts or fluids will need to be replaced during the service.

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However, electric cars can still have safety problems. “In reality, electric cars are heavier than cars with internal combustion engines so wear on certain components, such as tyres, can be higher.” 22% of all MOT failures in electric cars are due to tyres, while only 12% for all fuel types.

Experts say, “With electric cars needing less maintenance, it’s probable they’re making fewer trips to workshops, which means that fewer safety inspections will be being performed to check for possible defects.”

“This data shows the importance of regular servicing and safety inspections on electric cars, even though they have simpler service schedules, in order to prevent any defects from becoming dangerous.”

Garages should be prepared to handle a surge in electric car repairs, MOTs and services with 337,000 EVs already registered over the past three years.

“Consumers need to remember that even though they are only booking an EV in for a test, it is possible that repairs will be necessary due to a failed test. This is where more specialized electric vehicle knowledge and training may be needed.”

This data doesn’t show that electric cars are less reliable than those powered by other fuels, but it does indicate the importance of regular inspections to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy.

How to pass your MOT test without failing?

  • To prevent major issues from building up, drivers should conduct routine checks on their cars.
  • Check components like your lights, tyres, visor wipers, and windscreen.
  • This maintenance will reduce your chances of failing an MOT later on.
  • MOTs can be expensive for stressed-out Brits, so make sure you have these tips in mind.

It’s crucial to know when your MOT is due.

There are many reasons that everyone should check their MOT due dates.

  • It is a legal requirement. Every driver must have an MOT. This is because it protects other road users, pedestrians, and roads infrastructure. If your vehicle is more than three years old, it’s illegal to not have one.
  • You will not be allowed to drive your vehicle if it hasn’t been serviced by the MOT station. Your trip to the MOT station or workshop will be illegal if you’re stopped by police without an appointment letter.
  • You can get a fine up to PS1,000 for driving your car without an MOT. Police can inspect vehicle number plates using automatic recognition systems. A quick drive in a car that has passed its MOT date could result in a court summons.
  • This will allow you to identify problems sooner. Knowing when your MOT is due will allow you to perform all checks, and you can save money by not getting any MOT failure codes.

Check MOT helps to determine the MOT history of your car and may help you save on repairs and verify whether car you want to purchase is up to date with their MOT status.