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Tips to check the past history of a used vehicle

Having a car shows the person’s status in society. It also is crucial if you are quite mobile. But buying a new car is not possible for every person. In such a case, used cars do make excellent options. But is it worth the purchase? To ensure having peace of mind from your purchase, you should first consider getting to know its history. This can be done by visiting established portals like car checks. This way, you can avoid getting ripped off. 

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Being wary of the purchase

You just cannot go ahead with buying a used car merely because you like the brand or know the owner. You may not know what kind of mechanical issues it is experiencing or perhaps it could be a stolen one. Hence, it becomes crucial to safeguard yourself from the purchase. You can research its history by relying on portals like car check. You just need to use the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the car to research its past. 

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Why is VIN important?

Identify the car’s VIN before purchasing any used car. It is rather of 17 numbers and letters and is considered to be the vehicle’s SSN. You cannot come across any two cars with the same VIN. It can help you to know about the car’s history. You will be able to derive crucial information about the car like recalls, registration, service records, etc. 

The VIN is provided on the front corner where the dashboard and windshield meet or the side front door. You may also find them recorded on the vehicle’s title, insurance card, and registration. 

Why check the VIN?

Before purchasing a used car or even a new one, it will be a wise decision to check its VIN. Doing so on trusted portals like car check allows you to know the vehicle’s basic history. It includes accidents, damage, or theft. Running thoroughly a VIN check helps avoid some major problems. 

It also helps reveal past occurrences involving the vehicle, something that might compromise its safe running ability. The car’s service records availed from car check can specify if regular maintenance was carried like oil changes, etc. 

Reputed dealers will provide you with a free VIN report while selling used cars. But you may not expect the same if buying directly from an owner. This is where checking the VIN makes the purchase a secured and safe one.