Instant Car Check

Importance of Vehicle History Report

The Blue Book offered with the vehicle provides you with crucial information essential to know the price to pay for it. But how to determine the used car’s condition! The seller is likely to have an upper hand since he/she has more knowledge concerning the vehicle’s past. However, by carrying out an instant car check, you can get to know more about the vehicle’s history and negotiate a decent price. 

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Identify hidden damage

It could be that the vehicle planned to purchase was involved in some kind of accident in the past. There may have been carried out repairs, something that can be difficult to locate. Experienced automotive professionals might have a hard time catching every problem present in the vehicle. But they can carry out a thorough inspection which is essential to derive peace of mind and satisfaction from the purchase. The history report availed through instant car check will provide you information if the vehicle had an accident or not. A few reports also indicate if airbags had been deployed. This provides you with knowledge of the location as well as the severity of the damage. 

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Safeguarding against Title Cleansing

You need to understand that different rules are followed by different states with regard to licensing and reporting salvaged or rebuilt vehicles. A few unscrupulous used car dealers might move across the state the vehicle with a salvage title. This is to benefit from the favorable registration laws in the other state. On issuance of the new title without branding, it gets cleansed. You will not be able to distinguish between vehicles having clean histories and salvaged ones without doing an instant car check.

Verifying mileage

The history report also specifies the estimated vehicle mileage. Identify if the miles reported in the instant car check matches with the odometer’s mileage. In case you find a huge discrepancy, then something is wrong with the odometer. 

Service history

A properly maintained vehicle can be expected to last for a long time. Service centers are likely to report every maintenance visit like fluid changes, brakes, oil changes, including recalls and repairs. These notes do help potential buyers to know the kind of maintenance that the vehicle has undergone throughout its tenure. Poorly maintained vehicles might only result in expensive repairs over time. History reports have become a common tool that car buyers can use to make well-informed decisions. Hence, performing an instant car check will be a wise move to ensure buying a road-worthy vehicle.