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Finding it tough to reach your office on time by availing local transport! Want to buy a car? Are you short on budget? If you cannot afford to buy a new one, then why not consider a used one. There are several owners who are interested to sell off their existing ones. Also have mushroomed numerous second-hand car companies that offer various models and brands to suit your budget. But then, you should not rush with your purchase just because you have come across a vehicle that perfectly matches your requirements and budget. Rather, you need to do more research and carry out a thorough vehicle registration check to ensure you do not end up paying more than bargained. 

Performing data check

Buying a used car does involve several risks, some of which you need to be aware of before making any payment. A few of them are vital and cannot be ignored or avoided. 

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Top things to consider when purchasing a used car

  • Check if insurance companies have written off the vehicle. 
  • Find out if there is recorded a finance agreement or not. It is a vital component that you need to check thoroughly before investing in any used vehicle. 
  • Do perform vehicle registration checks. This will help you to know if the seller is a genuine owner of the vehicle is a stolen one. 
  • Do check properly the vehicle’s full description. It should include vehicle model, make initial registration date, colour, engine number, engine size, number of gears present and transmission. Also, find out its manufacturing date and body style. 
  • Also, find out if the vehicle has undergone any color change after its initial purchase from the showroom. 
  • Find out if any third party is tracking the vehicle including if it risks theft or fraud. 
  • You also need to know if it has been imported from anywhere outside the European Union and used. 
  • Check if the vehicle has undergone any change in its registration plate. 
  • Identify if DVLA has recorded the vehicle has ‘Scrapped’.
  • Is the vehicle exported or not?
  • Do check thoroughly for CO2 emissions.
  • Get to know the vehicle’s mileage information.
  • Find out the number of owners who had possessed this car before you consider purchasing it. 
  • Get to know VIN confirmation before purchasing it. 
  • Find out annual tax expenses and excise duty band.

If the plan is to buy a used vehicle of any make and model, do go through the above points. You should be provided with proper, correct, and satisfactory answers. If unsatisfied, then do not go ahead with your purchase. Chances are you will only fall in trouble later with the law and end up paying steep penalties and fines. The only fault for paying such fines is just because you have not carried out an appropriate vehicle registration check at the time of purchase. 

Fortunately, there are several providers offering such valuable services in the UK, with being the best free option.

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