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The car’s mot history can help reveal a lot of information on what you are obtaining. However, this is something that most people tend to overlook when buying a used vehicle. This is because they are not aware of its importance. Checking it allows you to know if the vehicle has a current MOT and is roadworthy or not. 

Why perform MOT Tests?

Such tests are vital indicators that should be carried out before you shelve out a huge amount for the used car. Besides the current due date and MOT status, you also get to confirm the car’s MOT history. 

What are MOT Tests and their significance?

This check is rather a procedure to check the vehicle’s status of qualifying MOT test or not. Vehicles in the UK that are over 3 years old need to undergo this test as specified by law. The vehicle that has failed this test will not be permitted to ply on the streets anywhere in the UK.

A few elements of the vehicle are checked like the suspension, steering, brakes, tires, batteries, and lights in this test. It also includes interior workings and the engine. The main objective is to make sure that the vehicle is safe to drive or ‘roadworthy.

Do current sellers be honest about their vehicle’s history?

The truth s not all sellers are expected to be honest concerning their vehicle’s history. Hence, it becomes vital to check mot history. When yearly MOTs are concerned, gaps may be present in the vehicle’s history. In some serious instances, it could be that the certificate ‘receipt’ has been falsified. Hence, it is necessary to ensure collecting the whole history of the vehicle and to double-check that the information derived is correct. Besides this, you also get the idea of how well the vehicle has been maintained.

How to check?

Several methods are present to check the status and to verify the vehicle’s history. Although it is easier to falsify the certificate, you may log onto the DVSA site to get an electronic version. It is more accurate and can be relied upon. But be cautious of blank MOTs as they could be ‘suspicious’. The government site ( is the right place to obtain the test result. It is possible even if you don’t own the vehicle. 

The other alternative will be to perform an HPI check. Several firms offer ‘Hire Purchase Inspection’.  It helps reveal vital facts concerning the vehicle’s past records.

Will the check be essential?

Several reasons are cited as to why you should go ahead with your mot history check. Often, it is checked, when someone is interested to buy a used vehicle. It can also be reviewed in case you have mistakenly misplaced your vehicle’s past MOT test papers.

However, this test does not specify your vehicle’s past or current condition as it only evaluates safety-critical components. You can expect a decent baseline. 

It is indeed an excellent indicator to know if the vehicle is well-maintained or not. This way, you can make the correct choice and a wise investment.