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Search full vehicle details, inlcuding model, colour and vehicle specs.

View full MOT history as well as previous damages and failures.

Learn if the car has been stolen, has outstanding finance and more

Why it is essential to check your vehicle’s history?

You can get to know a lot from a car’s history. As the car ages, it is likely to have a history surrounding it that should be known by every owner and potential buyer. There could probably be a story behind it. Knowing its history allows you to know what you are going to invest in. This is more so if the plan is to buy a second-hand vehicle. You can be confident with your purchase or sale by availing HPI car check offered by the leading company HPI.

What is car history all about?

A vehicle history check here does not necessarily mean what the car is made of. Rather, it is more about what experiences it has had throughout its tenure right after hitting the road. You may consider it to be a simple situation. If you seek to go through your vehicle’s history thoroughly, then it becomes essential to know the various forms offered. 

Car history types

Hpi car check is of different types. 

  • Service History: It is a crucial aspect to know and is not easy to find. Identifying it is sure to help. You are sure to get hold of an updated service history if the vehicle was well maintained or used in business. You can be assured that it is in good working condition. Visiting the garage for regular service will mean it is in fine condition. Service histories do help to enhance the vehicle’s value.
  • MOT History: This is perhaps an essential certificate that should be checked. Without one, you cannot take the vehicle out on the roads. Every vehicle is sure to have one. Deriving new ones will mean anyone can check out the posted inline results. MOT results can be checked several years back. This can allow you to identify the issues which the vehicle might have faced in the past. It also suggests potential fixes to prevent long-term problems. Hpi car check allows you to know about mileage and safety measures taken by the previous owner. 
  • Financial History: The car’s history does provide you with its financial past. You can get to know from the history how it was purchased initially. The said payment is said to have a major impact on the car’s status. It is for this reason, it becomes crucial to conduct an Hpi car check without fail. 

Thus, undertaking a thorough car check is sure to help you derive a better deal.