How Much CO2 Does Your Car Emit Yearly?

CO2 -

Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas that we all know from cars. This is a major contributor to global warming and air pollution. These are the two main reasons we monitor CO2 gas emissions.

Global CO2 emissions

Transport is responsible for 25% of the UK’s greenhouse gases emissions, according to the UK government. According to the EU, road transport is responsible for 1/5th of the country’s CO2 emissions. It’s also the only sector in which CO2 production has been increasing.

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Both at home and abroad, there are measures being taken to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles. The European Union and the UK have set a goal to reduce emissions from new cars to 95 grams CO2 per kilometre by 2021. This represents a 40% decrease in emissions from cars’ average of 158.7g/km in 2007.

Meanwhile, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has stated that nearly 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in their country are due to road transport. Their goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from new vehicles by 6 billion tonnes per year between 2012-2025.

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What is the CO2 emitted?

According to the SMMT New Car Report 2017, UK cars.

In 2016, 68.5 MtCO2e was emitted (that’s the equivalent of 68.5 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent).

  • Average new cars emit 120.1g/km CO2
  • Between 2000 and 2015, CO2 emissions from cars have dropped 8.9%
  • Between 2000 and 2015, the total CO2 emissions of all vehicles on the road have fallen by 4.6%

CO2 emissions from different car types:

New advances in technology have made it possible:

  • The average car in use emits 20% more than a new car. (The average vehicle on the road in 2015 emits 153.0g/km. A new car emits only 121.4g/km.
  • Hybrid cars emit 40% less CO2 than average cars.
  • A diesel car also emits 20% less carbon dioxide than a petrol vehicle.

What is the future of progress?

The 2021 targets are a reminder of the need to improve efficiency and develop new production methods. It will be interesting to see if emissions continue to fall in the years ahead.

However, any reductions in emissions may be offset by the rise in car use (a 7% increase between 2000 and 2015).

How can Checkreg help?

Checkreg can help you reduce both your CO2 emissions and fuel costs by making sure that you know that your vehicle is in top shape or require some tweaks and tuning with our MOT Check. A major contributing factor you carbon emissions are cars which are not of sound running.