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Tips for buying a road-worthy used car

Are you looking to buy a second-hand car? You can save some money by purchasing used cars, but these cars come with huge risks because nobody knows who the car’s owner was and where it came from. You should be careful when buying such cars because risks are quite severe. You would not like to invest in an illegally altered, stolen, or damaged vehicle. You should also ensure that the car you are going to purchase is reliable and will not break down in the middle of a journey.

If you do not have any prior experience in checking and buying second-hand cars, DVLA can help you check the overall details of vehicles. If you want to purchase road-worthy used cars, you must carry out DVLA’s vehicle check. This evaluation can help save money and trouble over time.

Through DVLA vehicle check, you can get the details about the following:

  • The manufacture year of the vehicle
  • Vehicle’s weight
  • Vehicle tax check
  • Size of the engine
  • Fuel type
  • Import status
  • Weight
  • First registration date
  • Tax information of the vehicle
  • SORN status

Check the vehicle’s history

Checking the history of the vehicle is the most important step. You should carry out a simple DVLA vehicle check. Doing so reduces the chances of investing in illegally sold cars or those having undergone major repairs. It also allows you to know if any money is due on the car by the current owner. It saves you from falling prey to fraud and purchasing any car that is not safe for you.

Check car details: Request the seller to provide the following information about the car:

  • Model & make
  • Mileage
  • MOT Test number
  • Registration number (as mentioned on the car’s number plate)

Carrying out a free DVLA vehicle check will let you know what the seller is offering. Whatever is specified should match DVLA’s records perfectly. If you find that some minor details fail to match, request clarification from the seller on this topic. In case you think that you are provided with fake information about the car, then simply avoid purchasing it.

Private history check: It is also referred to as ‘data check,’ it is essential to ensure peace of mind on the purchase made. You can derive valuable information concerning serious problems experienced by the car. This report will provide the following details:

  • Car showing correct mileage
  • If the car is reported stolen
  • Car was involved in any serious accidents previously
  • If money is still owed by the seller on the car

Check history & MOT: Regular MOT tests are mandatory for all vehicles to ensure roadworthiness. Annual MOT test is compulsory for cars having completed three years of age. You can carry out DVLA vehicle checks for free and get accurate reports. You may enquire the seller concerning gaps if present in the MOT report. Avoid the deal in case you find something suspicious in the MOT history. Remember, MOT will not be necessary if the car is unused for a long time and statutory off-road notification (SORN) is registered.

Always trust reputed portals like DVLA to undertake DVLA vehicle checks. It will ensure getting appropriate reports of your car’s history and track records.

Other parameters

The manufacture year of the car

Every model of a car is built within a specific year. The pricing of the car is determined accordingly. You should check the manufacturing year of the car in order to determine its price. You can check the manufacturing year of the car you want to purchase from DVLA check. It is mandatory for your satisfaction.

Vehicle tax check

Every vehicle has a specific tax that the owner must pay the government. It has been seen that many car owners do not pay taxes and use their cars much as they can. After that, they sell their cars, and now the new owner has to pay all the taxes.

It is a severe problem, and an immediate solution is required to eliminate this threat. The best possible way to tackle this problem is a DVLA check. You can get all the taxation details of the concerned vehicle within no time.

Size of the engine

The engine is the brain of the car. If there is any problem with the engine, you will suffer a great deal. Every engine has its age, and after that, it has to be replaced by a new one. It is obvious that with the removal of a genuine engine, the price of the car reduces considerably. Many car sellers do not inform buyers of these details.

The size of the engine is also crucial to check that it’s the same car that we want to buy without any alteration. It means that many cars contain the engine of old and used cars. It is done to save money. A complete DVLA check will also inform you of the engine size and if there is any problem with it.

Import status

Many cars are produced in one country but sent off to other countries. The UK also imports cars from other countries. It has been seen that these cars are altered in many ways, and in many cases, the duty on these cars was not paid by the person who bought the car first.

You need to take care of this fact because afterward, you have to pay a hefty custom-duty fee to drive your vehicle on the road.


It is essential to check the weight of any vehicle before purchasing it. If you plan to buy a second-hand car, then the importance of the weight increases a thousand folds. The company measures the weight of every car before it leaves its premises. The weight of the car tells everything about it. If weight fluctuates, it means that a part or part of the car is changed or replaced. It indicates that there is a problem with the car and you need to be conscious about this.

CO2 emissions

CO2 is dangerous for human beings. It is a greenhouse gas that is involved in the greenhouse effect. It means when CO2 is released in the air, it traps heat. Due to trapping, heat cannot escape Earth’s atmosphere, increasing Earth’s temperature. If you are a true environmental enthusiast, CO2 emission will be your prime concern. DVLA provides you with detailed information about carbon emissions.

Fuel type

Cars run on different types of fuels. It is your duty to check the type of fuel your car will run on before purchasing it. For example, there are petroleum and diesel engines. Your vehicle will demand the kind of fuel its engine requires. If the engine is changed or there is any problem regarding fuel type, a DVLA check will help you reach the core of the problem and save you from buying that car.

SORN status

You can check your car’s Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) through a DVLA check. If you are purchasing a car for off-road use, it is mandatory to check the SORN status of your car. SORN is valid for a lifetime, so you can check SORN through DVLA check if you are buying any vehicle.


Your car is not only responsible for your transportation from one place to another, but it is also responsible for saving your life in case of any unfortunate event. If you invest in the right car, it can save you a lot of trouble. It also saves a lot of money that otherwise would have been spent on the car’s maintenance.

It is vital to DVLA check every vehicle before making a purchase, and it will save you from buying any altered vehicle. The rest of the features should also be checked in order to ensure that everything is in its place and you are purchasing an authentic product without having any second thoughts.