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DVLA Vehicle Check

Tips to buy a road-worthy used car

You may have plans to purchase a second-hand car. But you need to make sure to avoid investing in an illegally altered, stolen, or badly damaged vehicle. You should also make sure that the vehicle does not break down midway. To ensure buying road-worthy used cars, you need to carry out a DVLA vehicle check from DVLA. This can help save money and trouble over time. 

Check the vehicle’s history

You should carry out a simple DVLA vehicle check. Doing so reduces the chances of investing in illegally sold cars or those having undergone major repairs. It also allows you to know if any money is due on the car by the current owner. 

  • Check car details: Request the seller to provide the following details of the car:
    • Model & make
    • Mileage
    • MOT Test number
    • Registration number (as mentioned on the car’s number plate)

Carrying out a free DVLA vehicle check will enable you to know what the seller is offering. Whatever is specified should match DVLA’s records perfectly. In case, you find that some minor details fail to match, then request clarification from the seller o this topic. In case you think that you are provided with fake details about the car, then simply avoid purchasing it.

  • Private history check: Also referred to as ‘data check’, it is essential to ensure peace of mind on the purchase made. You can derive valuable information concerning serious problems experienced by the car. This report will provide the following details:
    • Car showing correct mileage
    • If the car is reported stolen
    • Car was involved in any serious accidents previously
    • If money is still owed by the seller on the car
  • Check history & MOT: Regular MOT tests are mandatory for all vehicles to ensure their being road-worthy. Annual MOT test is mandatory for vehicles having completed three years of age. You can carry out DVLA vehicle checks for free and get correct reports. You may enquire the seller concerning gaps if present in the MOT report. Avoid the deal in case you find something suspicious in the MOT history. Remember, MOT will not be necessary if the car was lying unused for a long time and statutory off-road notification (SORN) registered.

Always trust reputed portals like DVLA to undertake DVLA vehicle checks. This will ensure getting appropriate reports of your car’s history and track records.