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What is included in the car history report?

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Frequently asked questions about Check Reg

Check Reg is a service that provides detailed information on the make, model, color and engine size of any UK registered vehicle. The following data has been made available:

  • Basic Model Information (make; model)
  • MOT Records (including result and details)
  • Vehicle Identification Number

If you're buying a used vehicle, it's likely that you'll need to do some additional research if the owner does not provide an inspection report.

When you purchase a used vehicle, there is always the risk of getting taken advantage of. But with our deluxe check, we can make sure that your next car isn’t one time-bomb waiting to surface and cost you thousands in repairs. We have checks for everything from ‘scrapped vehicles’ (aka stolen) to making sure it wasn't bought on finance before someone else's name…

  • Clocked
  • Stolen, Scrapped, Written off (all of which are pretty bad)
  • On finance

With Check Reg you can check any car's tax status, as well as the MOT status.

Simply input the vehicle registration number you're interested in, and we will display the entire MOT history with all it's details.

Learn more about Check Reg

The first company that started offering car registration checks was HPI Limited, a British-based company. They are not affiliated with Check Reg in any way. The manual and paper based system of 1938 made it difficult to track the progress of your check because they were processed manually and took several days upon completion before an update could be given on its status. Now everything is done digitally which makes them instant updates!

What data is included in the checks?

With Check Reg, it’s easy to get all the information you need before buying a car. You can find out if there has been any damage or theft and even whether the MOT was ever refused! Plus with extra premium checks such as mileage history and plate changes, you’ll have everything at your fingertips in an instant.

  • mileage
  • damage
  • MOT history
  • internet history
  • theft check (Police info)
  • car option list
  • plate change
  • owner history
  • general car information

Free Vehicle Check

Check Reg is the biggest FREE vehicle data website in the UK! You can find out all about any car with a quick search, or use our free number plate check. Enter your details and you’ll get instant access to tons of information, including how that specific vehicle looks like up close from ads on Check Reg’s site. For an even more detailed breakdown of what every piece means for this particular model just click ‘show’.

Instant Car Check

We are a service that will help you find out the history of any vehicle. Just enter in your car’s registration number and we’ll provide you with details about it, including if there have been accidents or thefts from owners before! Our payment methods allow for quick payments using debit cards or credit card.

What is a Car Check and why does it matter? Running an inspection on the history of your vehicle can be enlightening, or downright scary. 1 in 6 cars are insurance write-offs; that means they were involved in at least one major collision. One out of every three still has outstanding finance (car loan). It’s easy to overlook this detail when negotiating for car purchase because sometimes people assume their new financing company will take care of repaying any debt with their old lender—wrong! If you buy from a seller who isn’t up front about what’s owed, there might come a time where you’re left holding the bag while someone else enjoys driving away happy as Larry with no responsibility whatsoever.

Protect against buying a written off car with a car data check

Some people buy a used car without checking the history, and then find out that it has actually been in an accident. When they get to their mechanic’s garage, they are disappointed to learn that the car had previously been written off several years ago!

We could have told them from the start that it had been written off by the insurance company, but alas they came to Instant Car Check for a simple car registration check.

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