Car Analytics

Know the drivers that contribute towards Vehicle Analytics Market Growth

Cloud-based technologies are well-known for their agility and stability. They encourage adopting vehicle analytics solutions that are cloud-based. An increase in advanced technology adoption \has helped improve vehicle-to-other and vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity. The other factors to help car analytics market growth are the need for a proactive safe operating system. It is now possible to store data in the cloud using vehicle analytics. It can help derive driver behavior analysis based on information like driving skills, driving abilities, and driver’s concentration skills. 

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Improved safety and technology advancement

Automobile firms have been adopting connected vehicles to contribute towards promoting efficient traffic handling. It also manages to secure operations associated with different functions. It includes maintaining financial transactions, travel records & journeys, car leasing, etc. Such technologies when applied might change the ecosystem, reinvent current prototypes as well as revamp customer satisfaction. It also has contributed significantly towards car analytics market share growth. Increasing market popularity tends to act as a compelling force for auto manufactures to spend on enhancing resources, innovation, and research. 

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Increase in using GPS tracking devices and sensors

Automakers are found to use sensors to continuously evaluate vehicle performance in real-time. This helps derive opportunities towards a predictive maintenance approach. It also helps obtain data from most vehicles for any given year and compare them with the warranty trends. It allows in observing as well as addressing carefully the issues. 

Predictive analytics technology is expected to make auto accidents become history. This is because, it supports using fast, big data, advanced sensors along car-to-car connectivity. Sensors are used on the vehicle’s front, thereby allowing the system to analyze distance and speed to another vehicle traveling ahead. It also includes the vehicle that is traveling behind. Generally, it is outside the view field of the driver. If any of the proceeding vehicles tend to behave erratically, then the system starts to alert the driver. It provides audible signals and visual alerts. To prevent serious injuries during an impact, a signal is sent to lock the seat belt temporarily. 

Increasing demand for sophisticated, smart vehicles

Data science is now harnessed by auto manufacturers to develop smarter vehicles and improve the overall driving experience. Gathering emissions data and fuel consumption does help car manufacturers to derive aggressive targets to improve fuel economy. Mechanics use car analytics to identify potential issues before it gets converted into major problems.