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Motor Car Act in 1904 had made registration plates mandatory in the UK. Since then individual number plates are to be used by all vehicles to drive legally on the roads. 

About number plates

From the number plate, it is possible to determine how old is the registration and its origin. The numbers plate contains a few numbers and characters to help the concerned authorities to identify them. It proved to be useful to the authorities if the vehicle was involved in some criminal activity or accident. Hence, the details availed from the number plate are quite invaluable, especially if you plan to purchase a used vehicle. If you check car reg correctly, you get vital information about the vehicle’s past owners, usage, and history. It also includes engine size, tax expires, and MOT.

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It is important to understand that newly registered car plates in the UK are changed annually on two dates. This allows potential buyers and the concerned authorities to identify the vehicle’s age. The law strictly prohibits owners to not fitting fresh number plates on any old vehicle just to make it appear younger. Changing number plates is also likely to affect a new car’s price.

When to change number plates?

Throughout the UK, the issued new number plates undergo a change annually. Every year there are issued two sets. 

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The initial plates are issued on 1st March and the second set on 1st September during autumn. It was in 2001 that the number plate system had been initiated. The initial set\ was issued from the month of March to September. It featured the year’s last two digits that are displayed in the 3rd & 4th characters. 

Two characters are generally taken from the year’s last two digits and used on plates that are issued between 1st March and 31st August. For 2019, all issued number plates are likely to bear the number 19.

Again from 1st September until February end, the corresponding year’s last two digits are taken to which 50 is added. For example, for 2019, new plates that are issued from 1st September until 2019 are to feature 69! Then from 1st March 2020, issued new plates will feature 20 and 70 after September, etc. 

Thus, the car plates that get issued between January and February are to have previous period numbers. This will be the September issued number. Check car reg from a reputed portal and get to know the vehicle’s registration details 

Why were half-yearly changes introduced in UK number plates?

Age identifier is included in UK registrations. It ensures new numbers are supplied constantly to match an increasing number of vehicles purchased in the country. It also helps authorities and car buyers to evaluate the vehicle’s age. 

Many branded car owners prefer to dispose of their vehicle in just a few years to buy the latest one. Hence, the sale of second-hand cars is increasing at a significant pace. For those on a budget, used cars are a boon as some even come with a manufacturer warranty. But before making the final purchase, you need to check car reg to confirm it is a good investment.