Check MOT History

To ply on the UK roads, all vehicles are required to qualify for some mandatory tests. One of them is the MOT test. Vehicle owners are recommended to perform this test regularly. It is essential to keep the vehicle in good shape as much as possible. Moreover, the vehicle should be safe for you, your family, and passengers as well as for other vehicles and pedestrians on the road. It is equally crucial to test automobile emissions and safety levels. This is why you need to check mot history.

Annual checking

A huge number of vehicles in the UK is to be checked annually. This way, the government ensures that they are safe on the roads and do not cause unwanted accidents or hassles. The fact is the majority of the accidents that occur across the globe are due to vehicles not being in good shape. Checking involves the vehicle’s overall physical condition, controls, and emissions. The test is referred to as the MOT or ‘Ministry of Transport’ test. The car owner is expected to check mot history in his best interest including that of other drivers on the road. It is also necessary to ensure pollution control and enhance road safety aspects. 

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The MOT can be compared to that of a general health check-up performed by the doctor. But your vehicle’s check-up is mandatory and should not be ignored. You need to possess a valid and legitimate certificate always. This will verify that your vehicle has duly complied with all prevailing standards. Otherwise, you will unable to drive on the UK roads legally and will only end up paying hefty fines. 


It is quite natural that you will carry out maintenance operations throughout the year on your vehicle. This is to ensure that it is in top condition and free from defects and issues, especially when getting it tested. This will also help avoid hazards faced on roads or check excessive emission levels. The test comprises of safety testing, roadworthiness testing, and emission testing. As you check mot history, it verifies if your car meets the current road safety norms and pollution control standards. 

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Is it necessary to carry out this test?

It is mandatory as per the government rules to carry out this test. At the same time, you cannot ignore your precious vehicle’s health. Clearing the test will be vital to gain valid permission to take your vehicle out on the UK roads with proper authorization. If your vehicle has not qualified for the test, then it means it is unfit to be driven on the roads. In such a case, you will need to do the necessary checks and repairs to ensure it is ‘roadworthy’ once again. 

This is indeed an important test as it does have a greater say on your day-to-day expenditure. If the test is not conducted on it, then your vehicle is likely to yield gradually to wear and tear. If badly handled, then repairing your vehicle can become quite expensive. Also, you will be unable to use it to go out especially when you need it the most. Hence, availing of periodic tests will ensure avoiding such hassles and expenses.