Check MOT Status

If buying a used car, the first step will be to check mot status. You can avail vital information that can help you to proceed with purchasing your dream car, minus the hassles. 

About MOT

This annual test is conducted to find if the vehicle is roadworthy or not. Basically, the test ensures that the vehicle meets basic safety standards as per prevailing UK rules & regulations. Different types of vehicles are said to undergo a wide range of tests. There are separate categories meant for motorbikes, cars, goods, and large passenger vehicles. 

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MOT due date

After purchasing a car from the showroom, it is exempted from MOT for initial three years. On completion of the third year, they are to undergo annual testing until they attain 40 years age. Once this period is completed, no more are they required to undergo MOT. But owners have the choice to avail of testing. 

After initial registration, the first MOT is likely to be due on its 3rd anniversary. Pass certificate offered after the test remains valid for a year from this date. 

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Before the expiry of the current MOT, the car is eligible for a test. This is generally for a month, but minus a day to retain the same renewal date. In case, MOT expires on 15th May, then 16th April is perhaps the earliest one to retain the same MOT renewal date. But if the vehicle is submitted for MOT on 14th April, then the following year, the expiry date becomes 13th April. The old certificate remains valid even if the car does not pass the test before the renewal date. However, it will not be safe to be taken out on the road. 

How to check mot status?

After every test, you will be provided with a pass certificate with an expiry date mentioned in it. You do not have to worry if you have lost or misplaced the certificate. You can always check your current MOT status by visiting the DVSA website. It also includes safety recall history and MOT details. 

MOT cost

For Class 4 vehicles, the maximum price charged for MOT is approximately £54.85. This is adhering to the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) rules. But doing some research can help you to come to cross dealers and garages who may offer discounts to attract customers. 

Time is taken to complete MOT

No fixed duration is set to complete the MOT test. However, industry specialists claim that the total time taken is around 45 minutes to about an hour. 

Can anyone perform the MOT test?

No! Only a qualified MOT tester employed at an authorized MOT testing station can perform such a test. He should have undergone proper training. You can easily identify a test center by the displayed MOT symbol. The symbol is a blue background on which three intersecting triangles of white color are found. Many test centers can also be found to display their MOT technicians’ qualifications. 

You may, however, visit the government official site or any reputed private site to check mot status and get accurate results.