How to get a UK drivers license

How to get a UK drivers license -

How to obtain a UK driving license

A driving license is required to drive any vehicle on the UK’s public roads. We will be explaining the procedure for applying for a driving license in the UK.

Application for a Provisional Driving License

You can apply for a provisional driving license from the DVLA if you turn seventeen within the next three month. To drive a car you must be at least seventeen years old. However, if you wish to ride a moped or motorcycle you can only be sixteen. If you are over 15 years old and nine months, you can apply for a provisional license.

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You must be a British resident to obtain your provisional driving license. You will be charged an offense if you don’t wear your glasses or contact lenses if you require them.

To apply for a provisional driving license online, it costs PS43 (or PS34) To complete your application, you will need a valid UK passport (or other form of identification), your National Insurance number, and the addresses where you have lived in the past three years. Provisional licenses usually take between one to three weeks to arrive, but they will arrive quicker if you apply online.

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There are many ways to apply

Online applications for provisional licenses can be made at Gov.UK. You can also apply online by filling out the D1 application form, which can be picked-up at your local Post Office. You will need to include your original documentation, including a passport photo and a cheque for PS43. Address: DVLA Swansea SA99 1AD.

The UK’s two-part driving license

A green photo card will be sent to you if your provisional driving license application is approved. This photo card is very important and will be useful in the future. Keep it safe. To pass both the practical and driving theory tests, you will need a photo card of your driving license. After passing your practical driving test, you will receive your green photo card and it will be replaced by a pink full driving license photo card.

Provisional driver rules

Provisional drivers need someone to watch them while they drive. They must be able to drive the vehicle and sit in the front passenger seat. The person must be at least twenty-one years old and hold a valid driving license for three years. They must have an ‘L” plate at the front and back of each vehicle.

The theory test

You must pass the driving theory exam before you can take your practical. You can apply online once you have passed your theory test. To get your confirmation email and debit/credit card, you will need your provisional driving license number. To book a theory test for a car on the site, it costs PS23

The practical test

After passing your theory exam and being told by your driving instructor you are ready for the practical driving test you can book it online. To book your practical driving test online, you will need your provisional driver license number and your debit/credit card. It will cost PS62.00 to book the week-day practical driving test, and PS75.00 for a weekend or bank holiday driving test.

Categories of driving license

There are many types of driving licenses. It is important that you only allow yourself to drive the vehicles your license allows you to. You will need the DL1 application form, DLM1 medical report form, if you have a valid driving license and wish to drive large vehicles or minibuses. A doctor should complete the medical report form. After you have been issued a provisional license for the new category you will be able to take the test and update your driving license.

Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions may prevent you from driving, such as epilepsy, seizures, sudden fits, or seizures. Any health conditions that may impact your ability to drive must be reported to the DVLA. If you have a ‘notifiable medical condition, disability, or if your condition has gotten worse since you received your driving license, you must inform the DVLA. You could face a fine of PS1000.00 and possible prosecution if the DVLA does not know about your disability or medical condition. Individuals who are not deemed fit to drive must give their licenses to the DVLA.

It is easier than ever to obtain a UK driving license thanks to the internet. You will have a fast and easy process if you meet all requirements and provide the correct information.

Separate DVLA Return ID Documents

You might have received your driving license back if you applied for it. But not with your identity papers. Don’t panic if that is the case. The driving license and identity documents are returned separately. They can take up to three weeks to arrive.

Before you call the DVLA, make sure to check your calendar. Your documents might still be in the mail.

Driving license replacement

You will need to immediately apply for a replacement if your provisional or complete driving license is stolen, damaged, lost, or destroyed. Police should be notified if a stolen driving license is found. To apply for a replacement driving license, you must be a British resident and not have been disqualified from driving. A valid UK passport, or another form of identification, as well as your National Insurance number and addresses where you have lived in the past three years are required. Knowing your driving license number is a plus. To replace your driving license, it costs PS20.00 It is important to replace your driving licence as soon as possible.

Renewal of driving license

Every ten years, your photo card license must be renewed. You will receive a reminder from the DVLA before your current driving license expires. You can drive as long as you have a valid driving license application and you have not been disqualified.