Why does Car Insurance Comparison Matter?

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Use car insurance comparison websites to find the best car insurance at a low cost. This post will provide some details regarding what to look for in your quest to find the cheapest and best car insurance.

The most memorable TV ads of the past ten years have been created by car insurance comparison websites. Meerkats, opera singers, and none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger are all involved in driving traffic to price comparison sites. Price comparison websites claim to find the best prices for everything, from pet insurance to car insurance. Can the millions of people who use them know if they are getting the best deals?

Why use Car Insurance Comparison sites?

These sites have large advertising budgets, which suggests that there is a lot to be made online in the insurance market. It came as no surprise that around 40% of the drivers who participated in our annual survey went online to compare car insurance deals. It is not surprising that most insurance companies don’t reward loyalty. In fact, they often do the exact opposite at renewal time. This makes it easy for people to shop around when it comes time to renew their policy. In order to find the best deal, you used to have to call each broker and insurance provider individually.

Although there were a few people who found this enjoyable, it was monotonous and tedious for most people. Comparison websites were created to help us save time and money.

This is true even though there are many comparison websites that offer car insurance. It is worth checking several sites as prices can vary greatly between them. A conflict of interest was previously raised because comparison websites are not independent. However, the findings stated that there was in fact no evidence to suggest either were making profit, but did find the websites weren’t always making it easy for consumers to get the right policy.

A few things to consider on car insurance comparison sites

Are you obligated to pay more?

Insurers will increase the voluntary excess to the compulsory excess in order to drive down the headline prices and rank near the top of this site. Before you sign the contract, make sure to check the excess.

Is it the best deal?

Car Insurance Comparison sites used to tell insurers that they could only offer the best deals on their sites. However, a review by The Competition Commission put an end to this practice. Insurers pay a fee to be listed on websites and to cash in on successful deals. The fee is added to your monthly payment so calling the insurer could help you get the same coverage, but without the additional fee.

Does it work for you?

Although car insurance comparison sites are designed for average motorists, you won’t find the best deals online if you don’t fall within this category. If you have convictions or own a classic vehicle, or need driving abroad coverage, then a specialist insurance is the best option.

Remember you are unique.

Some websites make assumptions that could increase your premium. The best sites will ask you all the right questions in order to provide relevant offers. However, if you have modifications on your car or are not the primary user of the vehicle, the offers won’t apply. It’s best to check vehicle insurance as well.

It is important to be on time

You’ll be able to find a policy that suits your needs at a reasonable price if you search. You should verify how long the deal is guaranteed and whether it’s even guaranteed. After clicking through, make sure that you are satisfied with the offer. There haven’t been any extras or increases in the APR.

Get auto and homeowners coverage from the same insurance company

Insurance companies will often give discounts if you purchase multiple types of insurance. If you have multiple vehicles insured with the same insurer, you may be eligible for a discount. Long-term customers may see a reduction in rates from some insurers. It is still a good idea to shop around. You can save money by buying insurance from multiple companies as opposed to a multi policy discount.

Keep a clean credit history

A solid credit history is a great way to reduce your insurance costs. Insurers use credit information to determine the cost of auto insurance policies. People who manage their credit well have lower claims. Pay your bills on time to protect your credit score. Don’t get more credit than you really need. Keep your credit balances low. You should regularly review your credit report and correct any errors promptly to ensure that it remains accurate.

Multi car insurance policies

While comparison sites may offer one-car discounts, bundling your motors together could get you a great discount on a multi-car policy from some big insurers.