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Terms & Conditions

We ask that users of the site and, by extension, the API not engage in the following practices:

  • Place an excessive amount of API Calls to the Check Reg system, or in any other way overburden the system, as determined by Check Reg at its sole discretion.
  • Attempt to modify, reverse engineer, or otherwise tamper with the public and internal systems, databases, and services provided by Check Reg.
  • Share or misuse any form of credentials to the platform, including username/password and API Key combinations.
  • Attempt to use the services provided by Check Reg to engage in any activity that could violate any applicable law or governmental regulation.
  • We are unable to offer any form of refund or credit on purchased Vehicle Information Reports.
  • We do not offer any guarantee on the data we provide either through free lookups or paid reports.

In addition, we wish to make it clear that though we do all we can to ensure the integrity, reliability, and accuracy of our data we cannot provide any form of guarantee or warranty. Furthermore, we are not able to guarantee that we are able to provide information on ALL vehicles regardless of subscription status.