Personalised Number Plate. What is it and where to buy it?

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Private number plates are a popular way to personalize a car. The market for a personalised number plate has experienced a boom in the past 25 years. Private plates are now commonplace on UK roads.Particularly sought-after are registrations that include or indicate names, words, and common phrases. The potential for this market was recognized by the DVLA. The DVLA is now a stockist for private plates and has sold more than six million.

You might be wondering how to locate a private number plate. Here are some tips and information.

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These are the three main ways you can buy a personalized number plate

1. Direct from the DVLA

If you are looking for a personalised number plate, one option is to buy directly from the DVLA. You can use the easy-to-use online search tool to enter your search criteria and find your plate. The DVLA will cross-reference your details and give you a list based on those that may fit the bill. All number plates will be new and have never been used on any vehicle. The DVLA may hold auctions from time to time where you can bid for number plates. Keep your eyes peeled. If price is important, fixed price buying tends to be better than auction-style purchasing. Auction-style buying can quickly become costly once the bidding begins.

2. Brokers and dealers in number plates

When you are selling a personal number plate, dealers and brokers can help. They are also worth looking into if you want to purchase one. These companies buy plates and pass them on to buyers.

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Dealers and brokers are a good option if you don’t find the information you need on the DVLA website. Dealer websites, just like the DVLA have handy search tools that allow you to find the plate you are looking for. This makes it easy to purchase a new number plate.

3. Private sellers

Private number plates are often sold in classified ads in newspaper car supplements as well as online and physical editions of automobile publications. Private sellers may be the most expensive but are worth looking into if you need a particular number plate. You can also find private sellers selling plates on sites like eBay.

What is the cost of a personalized number plate?

Private number plates are available for sale at prices ranging from a few hundred pounds up to thousands, depending on the demand. Popular names and words are more expensive than plates that have a unique meaning. Porsche owners are particularly interested in plates that have the numerals 9 or 11.

Plates with a smaller number often have a higher price tag because they are typically older. Plates with famous names or vehicles that are well-known can sell for a lot more.

Prices are determined by demand and supply. If you’re looking for something unusual or highly sought-after, expect to pay more than if your plate is more common and more affordable.