Check your MOT in London and keep your car Roadworthy

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To ensure safety, every year your vehicle must pass a MOT Test. To prove their road worthiness, all cars over 3 years of age in the UK must have a valid MOT Certificate.
A car must be tested every year after it reaches three years of age (or four years in Northern Ireland). This is to ensure it meets environmental and road safety standards. The Ministry of Transport test is also known as a ‘MOT’. A MOT in London can be tested and only be performed at approved test centers in the country. All of these centers display a blue sign with three white triangles. An MOT is a series of inspections   that cover everything about your car. This includes the brakes and fuel system, lights, mirrors, and exhaust system.

If you live in London or the surrounding areas, you can get your MOT tested. The team will then provide you with the appropriate MOT quote according to the vehicle class. Your local MOT in London expert will perform the test if you are willing to take it. The MOT takes 45 minutes.

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An MOT certificate will be issued immediately if your vehicle passes the test. Our team will guide you through the rest of the work required to make your vehicle pass. At you may check your MOT status and know exactly the time to expiry of the MOT of your vehicle.

Important MOT FAQs

What is an MOT?

The UK law requires that an MOT be provided. A MOT certificate is a legal requirement in the UK. Failure to present one can result in a heavy penalty of up to PS1,000.

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What is the validity of an MOT certificate?

The average MOT test takes 45-60 minutes. However, there are other factors to consider.

First, if the vehicle fails to pass the test, and repairs are required, this will take longer.

You can’t drive away from a test center if your car has failed its MOT, unless you have an existing MOT certificate that is valid or you are taking the car in to have the problem fixed.

The test may take up to an hour, but even if there are no repairs, it doesn’t mean that your vehicle must be in the garage for less than 60 minutes.

You may need to drop off your vehicle at the test center first thing in morning, and then pick it up when you are ready.

You should be ready to leave your car behind for the day.

What if my MOT in London is expired?

Only driving for the purpose of taking the MOT test is allowed without a valid MOT certification.

What if my insurance is invalid without an MOT?

If you don’t have a valid medical examination certificate (MOT), your insurance claim could be affected, especially if the injury is serious.

Your car may fail its MOT.

The test center will issue a VT3O certificate if your vehicle fails its MOT.

The MOT categories for passes and fails were changed on 20 May 2018.

You can’t drive your car away if it has a dangerous defect. If they offer repairs, get a quote from them and then ask for quotes from local garages. Even if your car needs to be town to their garage, you might be able find cheaper repairs.

If your vehicle has a major defect, you might be able to drive it off the road if it is still roadworthy and your MOT hasn’t expired.

If the MOT is expired and the vehicle is roadworthy, you can drive it to have any faults repaired and to book a MOT.

You can get three points for driving a car that has not been tested under any circumstances or driving a car with dangerous faults.

MOT retests

To make your car roadworthy, you will need to correct all serious and dangerous defects. Next, arrange a partial MOT test in which your car must pass before it can be driven on the roads again.

You can leave your vehicle at the test center for repairs and get a partial retest free of charge, provided it is completed within 10 days of the MOT being failed.

The test is usually free if you bring your vehicle in for repairs and return it by the close of the next business day. It depends on the parts being retested.

You’ll be charged a reduced fee if you return to the same testing center within 10 days for a partial retest. However, it will not be free.