9 Smart Ways to Save Money on Petrol

9 Smart Ways to Save Money on Petrol - checkreg.net

British drivers have had a difficult few months. The sight of long lines of cars at petrol stations all over the country last year was a painful reminder of the severe fuel shortages. The prices soared. Drivers were again hit hard this year. Britain is currently in a cost-of-living crisis. Food and utility bills are […]

How to make sure that you are covered with Home Insurance

How to make sure that you are covered with Home Insurance - checkreg.net

Our home is the place where we keep things that are most important to us. It is often our most prized and loved possessions. Your home should always be protected by insurance. It’s often necessary if you are applying for a mortgage. If your home or belongings are damaged or destroyed, you could be responsible […]

Why does Car Insurance Comparison Matter?

Why does Car Insurance Comparison Matter - checkreg.net

Use car insurance comparison websites to find the best car insurance at a low cost. This post will provide some details regarding what to look for in your quest to find the cheapest and best car insurance. The most memorable TV ads of the past ten years have been created by car insurance comparison websites. […]

Check your MOT in London and keep your car Roadworthy

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To ensure safety, every year your vehicle must pass a MOT Test. To prove their road worthiness, all cars over 3 years of age in the UK must have a valid MOT Certificate. A car must be tested every year after it reaches three years of age (or four years in Northern Ireland). This is […]

6 different ways to buy a new car in the UK

6 different ways to buy a new car in the UK - checkreg.net

It can be overwhelming to buy a new car. It can be overwhelming, especially with all the terminology surrounding different financing options. We’re here to help you get through all the confusion. Here’s a guide to the various ways that you can purchase a car. In simple terms. You can then choose the best option […]

Car seats and tips for keeping your children safe

Car seats and tips for keeping your children safe - checkreg.net

Children are more at risk than adults when they travel in cars. It is worth taking the time to ensure that your child uses the correct booster or child car seats. If a passenger or driver isn’t wearing a seat belt, they are more likely to die. You want your children and family to arrive […]

How to get a UK drivers license

How to get a UK drivers license - checkreg.net

How to obtain a UK driving license A driving license is required to drive any vehicle on the UK’s public roads. We will be explaining the procedure for applying for a driving license in the UK. Application for a Provisional Driving License You can apply for a provisional driving license from the DVLA if you […]

MOT History

The car’s mot history can help reveal a lot of information on what you are obtaining. However, this is something that most people tend to overlook when buying a used vehicle. This is because they are not aware of its importance. Checking it allows you to know if the vehicle has a current MOT and […]

DVLA MOT check

The MOT tester evaluates the different aspects associated with your vehicle to ensure it is roadworthy. Once your vehicle is qualified, then you can drive your vehicle on the UK roads without any worry or hassle. Your vehicle complies with the current government-specified emission regulations that are checked through the test. But this does not […]

Check MOT History

To ply on the UK roads, all vehicles are required to qualify for some mandatory tests. One of them is the MOT test. Vehicle owners are recommended to perform this test regularly. It is essential to keep the vehicle in good shape as much as possible. Moreover, the vehicle should be safe for you, your […]