MOT History

The car’s mot history can help reveal a lot of information on what you are obtaining. However, this is something that most people tend to overlook when buying a used vehicle. This is because they are not aware of its importance. Checking it allows you to know if the vehicle has a current MOT and […]

DVLA MOT check

The MOT tester evaluates the different aspects associated with your vehicle to ensure it is roadworthy. Once your vehicle is qualified, then you can drive your vehicle on the UK roads without any worry or hassle. Your vehicle complies with the current government-specified emission regulations that are checked through the test. But this does not […]

Check MOT History

To ply on the UK roads, all vehicles are required to qualify for some mandatory tests. One of them is the MOT test. Vehicle owners are recommended to perform this test regularly. It is essential to keep the vehicle in good shape as much as possible. Moreover, the vehicle should be safe for you, your […]

Vehicle Tax

You may have finally decided to buy a car for yourself to save time and to travel fast to meet clients. If you can’t afford to buy a new car, there are fortunately options available like a used one. They do make an excellent investment if you plan the purchase carefully and are equipped with […]

Tax My Car

Owning a vehicle is a matter of pride irrespective of the country and city you reside in. But then, you are to follow certain norms that are laid out by the government to drive your vehicle legally on the road. The truth is, running a car in the United Kingdom is indeed quite expensive. You […]

Road Tax Check

The fact is performing a used vehicle data check does involve some money. But it is worth the effort and ensures peace of mind. Availing the test ensures that you get valuable information that helps determine if the used car is worth investing in or not. Through this check, you get to gain comprehensive knowledge […]

How to check if a vehicle is taxed?

Vehicle taxation is among the various way that the government uses to collect tax. Vehicle taxation is what funds the building and Maintainance of roads and other areas n the transport sector. Vehicles are therefore taxed and evading tax is against the law. There are various taxes that vehicles pay depending on the type of […]

How to check MOT?

Mot is a mandatory check to ensure that vehicles are fit and secure to the driver, the passengers, the pedestrians the property outside the vehicle. MOT tests are aimed at ensuring that the vehicle is roadworthy and it meets the required emission tests. Vehicles that fail to meet MOT tests are registered as failed the […]

How to check when a MOT is due?

MOT is mandatory and t is a requirement for every vehicle that is on the road. Failure to have MOT checked could result not only in court fines but also in the compromise of the health of the occupants of the car. MOT involves a detailed check of the exterior, interior, and underparts of the […]

What is checked on a MOT?

MOT is a mandatory requirement for all vehicles and all vehicles on the road must have passed the MOT test. The MOT test is an important test that ensures vehicle safety and functionality but in many cases, 30 percent of the tested vehicles fail this crucial test at the first attempt. This is to tell […]